Embroidery Patterns - Free Machine Embroidery Patterns by Elizabeth's Embroideries
Embroidery Patterns - Free Machine Embroidery Patterns by Elizabeth's Embroideries

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I think I have been sewing all my life... After my family married and moved away, and all my quilting ideas used, I opened my own business. For 20 years I designed children's clothing for wholesale under the label " Just For Kids". I am sure many of you have purchased my garments from Department Stores and Speciality Shops.

In time this became to large to keep up so I closed it and opened my own Children's Boutique here in Tuscumbia, Al., where I reside. Well, after 2 years, I soon learned that selling my garment designs was a thrill, but for every garment sold was one to be replaced! Sooooo that turned into more work than I had given thought to! But during all the sewing, I discovered Machine Embroidery!

Soon it was discovered that I was not happing sewing out everyoness designs, I wanted to digitize my own and so here I am knee deep into digitizing and loving every minute of it. :)

Now I would like to share my designs with you, so the starting of my NEW venture....My own Website! I am so excited about this!!!!

I love smocking but I just cannot hand smock! I do fine until I have to turn ago the other way and my brain will just not turn with the design....I knew there was a better way and I found it, doing it on machine and now I have also added Machine Smocking and I am sure you will find this exciting as well.

It is as simple as The Appliqué directions! You may contact me at this number 1-256-383-2044.

Keep watching this site grow and please bookmark it!

THANKS! Elizabeth

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